Jahnhalle Nordenham 2018-1

Kickin' It With Joe! How Cool is that?

Rock To The Rhythm

"Rock To The Rhythm" 2017

DD Bluefires' receptive audience is a great place to let loose with original music!

No Regrets

2017 - No Regrets Bar in Las Vegas

Jahnhalle 2018-2


2016 Las Vegas  w Carmine Ioanna on accordion and Francesco Savoretti on percussison.

Mixed Bag

Germany 2000 - 2016

This video is a little exploration of Empress Al-Yashas' many musical facets.

Valentines Day at DD Bluefire

DD Bluefire Las Vegas 2017
Empress Al-Yasha portrays her life experiences with humor and soul!

Black Lives Matter

Being bussed to school during desegragation in New York City, Empress Al-Yasha experienced first hand the kind of discrimination many people believe only occured in the southern states.
This commentary on genocide against Blacks in America encapsulates the institutionalized racism that still exists today.  "No rights which the white man is bound to respect" is a quote from the U.S. Supreme court Dred Scott decision of 1857.  
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