Jahnhalle Nordenham


Impressive groove experience by Ulrike Krebs

With charisma and professional ease, Al-Yasha Anderson mesmerized her audience.
Picture: Andreas Gruner

Soul, blues, jazz and funk, plus a bit of pop and rock: Al-Yasha Anderson and her band pulled out all stops in the Jahnhalle.

NORDENHAM: On Friday, about 60 visitors in the Jahnhalle experienced a rather unusual music evening in Nordenham, but worthwhile in every respect. For the songs presentedby Al-Yasha Anderson (vocals, guitar), Yeti Mansena (keyboards), Mathias Büsseler (drums) and Mathias Klenke (bass) cannot be assigned to a classical music genre. Sometimes they are reminiscent of soul, then of jazz, blues or funk. And elements of pop and rock music can also be found in the pieces with the consistently rhythmically accentuated groove and a high degree of improvisation.

The American singer-songwriter Al-Yasha Anderson is characterized by a very expressive and absolutely authentic soul voice, which does not weaken even with the high notes and consistently gives a variety of melodies a very personal touch. Some are reminded of jazz greats like Sarah Vaughn or Ella Fitzgerald, others of Joni Mitchell or the soul legend Aretha Franklin.

Great mood
The charismatic Al-Yasha Anderson also knows how to easily create a sense of humor in her performances, when she encourages her audience to clap along or join in, and even to dance. With a professional self-confidence she leaves the stage to pick out her dance partners from the audience.

Al-Yasha Anderson, who has lived in Oldenburg for 20 years, is already familiar with internationally known greats such as Joe Cocker, Dr. John, Lee Konitz, Axel Zwingenberger, Helmut Lotti, Inga Rumpf, Roger Cicero or Helene Fischer, has worked in musicals such as "The Lion King", "Buddy Holly Story", "Sister Act" and "Oh Happy Day". On Friday, the native New Yorker presented her audience with a mix of self-written songs, which she composed together with Yeti Mansena, and artfully arranged cover pieces like "Die Tanzerinr" (Ulla Meinecke, 1983), "Give Me One Reason" (Tracy Chapman, 1995) or as an encore "Marmor, Stein und Eisenbrecht" (Drafi Deutscher, 1965).

Their own songs often deal with relationships and love, such as the rather quiet "Passionate Embrace". But there are also plays that get really nasty when the Donald Trump opponent musically expresses her criticism of the police attacks on blacks, and again and again the dominant "Gun Shot" under the title "Black Lives Matter" sings.

Together with Yeti, whom she has known for several decades, Al-Yasha Anderson has composed a lot of songs. The two of them released a CD years ago and have been a well-rehearsed team for a long time. "We liked each other directly," recalls the singer, who also plays guitar herself when she announces the co-developed pieces like "Going Crazy" or "You're All I Dream Of".

Much applause
Much applause also received Yeti and the "M & M's" again and again - that's the Bremen musicians Mathias Büsseler and Mathias Klenke for their very successful instrumentals.

"Just great music. That's something completely different. 


Germany 2018

Studio B


Sweet Soul - Empress Al-Yasha presents 4 Diva's of Soul - Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Grace Jones & Donna Summer.

Gospel Chor Weyhe


Needless to say, Empress Al-Yasha is the favorite guest of this gospel chor. Beginning in 2018, Empress will be touring Germany teaching Gospel workshops and promoting student concerts.

Wilhelm 13


A distinctive pleasure for Artist and audience alike. Empress Al-Yasha's original songs share knowledge, joy and unlimited love. 

Power Voice Workshop


Empress Al-Yasha's Singer/songwriter workshops have inspired children, adults, amateurs and professionals!

Forever Young with Janice Harrington


It was a pleasure to perform with Janice Harrington at this major event in St. Nicholas Kirche.

"Colors of Jazz"

Empress Al-Yasha conceptualized and organized the founding of a cultural center in Germany paid for by the City of Oldenburg. As director/booking agent she ran the Jazzclub Alluvium for over 10 years and currently serves as a volunteer advisor. Once a year Empress gives a reunion concert and releases her new CD's. Buy it on CD Baby and become a fan!

Germany 2017

Weyhe Gospel Choir


A year doesn't go by without Empress  Al-Yasha as guest star of this popular gospel choirs main concert. 

Wilhelm 13, Oldenburg


Everywhere I go


Weyhe loves me and I love Weyhe!So happy to peform my original music all over Germany!

EWE Arena Oldenburg


What an amazing event! This choir supported several German Schlager stars including Helene Fischer, Nino Di Angelo and Ozzy Kelly. 5,000 tickets sold!

Oldenburg State Orchestra


EWE Arena



Weyhe Kirchen Chor


Translation to come.

Studio B - Oldenburg


Translation to come.

Sweet Soul Music


 Translation to come. 

Weyhe Kirchen Chor


 Translation to come. 

Sweet Soul Music


 Translation to come. 

Display their FAQs


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Classic Meets Pop 2015

Oldenburg EWE Arena

What an amazing opportunity to appear as a guest soloist at this yearly celebration.


Performing before an audience of over 8,000 people is always exciting!


I love Oldenburg! 

The symphony orchestra was amazing.

The arrangements were awesome!

The finale is always my favorite part!


What a wonderful group of artists to perform with. Super production, great organization and compassionate producers.

U.S.A. Performances

Touring Nevada with the Lucia Ciarla Quartet


Las Vegas 2016 with violin master "Luca Ciarla" from Italy. With accordion, percussion, guitar and bass these musicians rocked my original music with incredible

 freestyle improvisation. 

@ No Regrets Las Vegas 2017


Blowin' the roof off with the Jazz Gumbo Band!

@ No Regrets Las Vegas 2017


Rockin' the Jazz Gumbo Band every Monday night at No Regrets.

DD Bluefire Las Vegas 2017

Rockin' the Jazz Gumbo Band at the hottest Black owned club in town!

DD Bluefire 2017

Jammin' with Joe Castellano

Italian American Club - Tap House Las Vegas


Do they still serve free pizza and chicken wings after the show?


Elegant excitement

When she takes the stage elegantly dressed in the most comfortable and colorful garb, it is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears.   


Generate excitement

An amazing vocal range full of wonderful colors and textures, Empress Al-Yasha loves her craft and her audience and shares herself with total ease. Upbeat, humorous and inspiring, she presents her songs with emotion and style.  


Performance History

Empress Al-Yasha has performed and/or recorded with show-biz stars including Joe Cocker, Helene Fischer, Dr. John, Lee Konitz, Candido, Jocelyn Brown, Axel Zwingenberger, Helmut Lotti, Inga Rumpf, Roger Cicero... and has been accompanied by T.M. Stevens, Sandy Santana, Stanley Banks, Alex Blake, Patience Higgins and Wally “Gator” Watson to name a few.