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Colors of Jazz

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featuring: Al-Yasha Anderson - vocals, Kai Leinweber - 7 String Guitar; Hannes Claus - Percussion

 A successful cross-pollination of styles blending  jazz, pop and soul music into  creative original love songs with outstanding music and lyrics, as well as unique arrangements of romantic covers.  


Jazzy Motions

Jazzy Motions Quintet

featuring: Al-Yasha Anderson - Vocals, Dirk Balthaus - Piano; Sven Schuster - Bass; Joost Kesselaar - Drums; Joern Anders - Trumpet; Martin Flindt - Guitar

 Great renditions of your favorite jazz standards with instrumentation by award winning musicians.  



featuring: Al-Yasha Anderson - Vocals; Joe Dinkelbach - keyboards; Andreas Advocado - Bass/Guitar; Tobias Proffen - Drums; Schorsch Pfister -Sax; Klaus Dalhmeier - Trumpet

Original compositions to sing, dance and romance to! 

Rite Spirit Gospel

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featuring vocalists: Al-Yasha Anderson, Dennis LeGree, Love Newkirk, Cynthia Utterbach and others!

Gospel music that is inspiring and fun!